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Since the 1960s, Sanders Brothers Construction has been a proud contributor to the Lowcountry's growth and prosperity. Our family-owned company prides itself on paving the roads and creating the infrastructure that keep this community on track.


Our asphalt plant can make just about any mix. In South Carolina, the most popular asphalt mix of choice is Surface Type B with ¾-inch minus surface course, with about 50 percent coarse aggregates. All of our plants are set up to blend and mix for what exactly you need.


Throughout all of South Carolina, our team has prepared and upgraded multiple residential areas from performing underground utilities, soil stabilization and reclamation, concrete curb and gutter, grading, hauling, recycling, and vacuum truck and camera services.

The Battery

Downtown Charleston does not allow vibratory rollers or transfer machines. Our team carefully used Surface Type C mix which prevented cracking any of the foundations of the historic homes during the Battery’s renovation.

Vacuum Trucks

Our vacuum trucks are used to prepare Downtown Charleston and other flood-prone areas of the Lowcountry ahead of major storms or hurricanes.

Nexton & Pinehills

Thousands of homes are being built throughout Nexton, specifically in Pinehills. Our team is completing the process of preparing this area for brand new homes with paving, soil stabilization, grading and more.

Downtown Charleston

Our team is trained and practices the safest ways to pave the roads in Downtown Charleston while maintaining and preserving the historical values within all the surrounding infrastructures from the 1600s and 1700s.

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